This weekend, I attended Intervention, a convention of bloggers, webcomics artists, and Internet-type creative folk. I learned some very interesting things from some very interesting people, and had a great time. I also visited the vendors’ room, which was small and full of shiny things.  I found the first (chronologically speaking) prize to announce for the Gala’s annual raffle:


That’s a John Hog and a SherlOtter, animals characters crafted in the likeness of Watson and Holmes. (John Hog and SherlOtter are all over the Internet; I recommend Googling for the curious.) These examples were made by borderline artistic of; you should really check out her art. Why SherlOtter and John Hog? In addition to the super-adorableness, these little guys represent a long tradition of fandom, that of melding a love for Holmes with one’s other interests. In addition to the traditional written pastiche, there are examples of Sherlockian drawings and paintings, theatre, music, curios, crochet, clothing, and toys — and those are just a few examples. John Hog and SherlOtter may have originated in the fandom for BBC’s ongoing series Sherlock, but they are also part of a continuing history of artwork created by devotees who want to share their love with the world.

Now about that raffle…

For as long as I’ve attended the Gaslight Gala, and if I remember correctly, back into the Baskerville Bash days (Note: The Baskerville Bash predates the Gaslight Gala, but was essentially the same party: an alternative celebration for Sherlockians not members of the Baker Street Irregulars, who hold their own, invitation-only dinner at the same time.), the evening’s entertainment includes a raffle with tickets sold by the arm- and leg-length. The proceeds of the raffle help keep the Gala running and able to afford a home at the Manhattan Club. I’ll post more about prizes as they are determined, but I wanted to offer a preview of what you can expect at this year’s Gala. And, of course, you will be able to find all the relevant details about attendance here, at our Facebook event page,, and at


Welcome to the official blog of the Gaslight Gala, a yearly celebration honoring the birthday of the eminent consulting detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. My name is Becky, and I am pleased to be your Gaslight Gal. The Gala’s previous organizers, Carol and Laurie, have done me the honor of asking me to take charge of the Gala, and in true Adventuress fashion, I have jumped in headfirst.

The main Gaslight Gala site continues to be, but this blog will be regularly updated with content about the features of this year’s Gala and other information our friends and attendees may find fun or useful. In addition, you are invited to join our event’s Facebook page at

Looking forward to seeing you in January!