Attenta! Attenta! Attenta!

Greetings Fellow Sherlockians! The 2015 Gaslight Gala is planned for Friday, January 9, 2015. Pleasesave the date!

This year’s Gala will returning to the Manhattan Club, 201 W. 52nd Street, part of Rosie O’Gradys, W. 52nd and 7th Ave,, see the upper right to the link for the Manhattan Club.   There will be a buffet dinner, cash bar, and a program featuring Canonical toasts, skits, rousing songs and more. The price for the evening will be $85.

Contributions to the evening’s program are being sought; please contact Nick Martorelli at If you wish to contribute items for the packets, please contact us at

Question can be addressed to


A Note on PayPal

November 29, 2013

We have had a clarification from PayPal – when you send us money via PayPal, please indicate that you are “sending money to friends” – this cuts down our fees and then PayPal doesn’t think we need to ship something to you. Note that we will not be shipping you a paper ticket! All names go on the will-call list.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us either via this blog, or at We look forward to seeing you in January!


November 27, 2013

Thanks to those who’ve already registered for the Gala! We are excited to see you!

If you send money via PayPal, please include your e-mail address in the message, along with names/scions of attendees. Otherwise, we can’t see your e-mail address, and then we can’t match e-mails and names. Then we won’t be able to contact the right people! (To hit you up for toasts and skits, etc.)

We can take registrations in advance of payments, so if you are mailing a check, let us know and we’ll put your name on the list!

Finally, please be aware that we won’t be sending you a physical ticket – all our entries are “will call.” But give us feedback – would you prefer a ticket be mailed to you? One that you could print out?

More updates will be posted as they are available! In the meantime, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The 2014 Gaslight Gala will be held on January 17, 2014, from 7-11 pm, at

The Dove Parlour
228 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012 (Map)

Ticket price of $105 includes open bar; those under 21 will have a reduced price of $75. Suggested dress is formal, but Victorian costume is also appropriate.

To register by mail, send your check to Angela Williams-Dunford at 414 E. 136th St, Bronx, NY, 10454. To register electronically, PayPal to Please include the names of all attendees in your party as well as scion/society affiliations (if any).

We are currently looking for program items, so let us know how you would like to participate! Toasts, readings, sketches, music, puppet shows, etc. are all welcome; if you can create it, we want to share it! (Displays of athleticism and derring-do will have to be cleared with the Dove before approval.)

We are also in need of items for our raffle/auction; proceeds from these events help us keep the Gala running.

Please send program items and raffle contributions to Becky at

If you would like to include an item in the attendee packets, please contact Carol Fish at

The Gaslight Gala is open to all Sherlockians, regardless of age, scion/society affiliation, academic standing, type of superpower, radio frequency, or Michelin star rating. We pride ourselves on being a fun and inclusive event that mingles our love of the Sherlockian canon with a good dose of humor and friendship. It is a privilege to carry on the tradition of the Gaslight Gala, and we look forward to seeing you there!

-Becky & Angela

The Gaslight Gals

Well, I hope I am a better Gaslight Gal than I am a blogger! Meantime, some updates:

Spaces are still available at the Gala, so if you want to come, e-mail me at! Or if you want to contribute to the program, do let me know – we still have room for toasts! And don’t be afraid to participate if this is your first time attending. I can give you a subject for your toast, which is really just a short speech or poem in honor of a person, place, or thing related to Sherlock Holmes, followed, of course, by a drink.

In keeping with tradition, we will be having a small auction and a raffle. Auction items will include a scarf hand-illustrated by longtime attendee and former organizer Laurie Manifold and tickets to Philadelphia’s premier Steampunk and neo-Victorian event Dorian’s Parlor. Raffle items include SherlOtter and JohnHog figurines (tributes to the BBC series, in adorable animal form) and a copy of attendee and reader Maria Konnikova’s new book Mastermind, about the cognitive science of Sherlock Holmes. And more of course — this is just a sample. Proceeds from both support the cost of putting the event on.

I’ve received a couple of questions about attire – I would call the Gala a “black-tie optional” event, and Victorian attire would not be out of place. Think formal and classy, but be yourself and be comfortable! This is definitely a guideline, not a rule, and I have never heard of anyone being turned away due to dress. Coat check is included in our price (though tips are accepted), so you can stash outerwear, boots, and bags as you need.

The evening starts out at 6:30 with a cocktail hour (cash bar) and hors d’oeuvres which typically include fruit and cheese as well as warm yummy things like chicken satay and little egg rolls. We’ll start our program at 7:30 – I’m saving some surprises for the night, but we have a book reading and a very interesting short paper, music by The Wandering Cellist, a song by Kristen Taylor of the Radium Angels, a classic skit, and toasts to Adventure! In the midst of this, a pause-

Dinner is buffet-style with carving stations and a number of options. I’ve not seen anyone go hungry, even if they need to be vegetarian, gluten free, or meet other dietary needs.

We pick up the program for entertainment while we eat and after, and of course, there is dessert. Though I am no longer a member of the dessert-eating class because of my own dietary needs (at least at this event), I remember the chocolate cake and cheesecake as being excellent, and coffee and tea are served. This is a good thing, because even though our event ends by 11:30 promptly (if we try to stay late, we will be turned into pumpkins) many of our crowd often meet with those who have attended the Baker Street Irregulars dinner at a Times Square watering hole to compare notes, learn who has been invested, and celebrate one of the high points of the weekend.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Gala and the weekend’s other events. And please, if you have questions, e-mail me – See you soon!



November 26, 2012

Just a quick note that I’m still looking for contributors to the evening’s entertainment! Skits, songs, scholarly work, demonstrations of Sport and Skill in keeping with the evening’s theme, etc. Please comment here or e-mail to

In addition, we typically have an auction and a raffle during the evening. Both help support the Gala, and make it possible for folks to attend on “scholarship” who would not otherwise be able to do so. If you are an artist, writer, collector, etc. and have an item you would like to donate, please do let me know!

I have been speaking to some lovely people as organizer of this year’s Gaslight Gala. The title of this post is taken from a conversation I had with a long-attending individual who called to reserve her spot. She told me how excited she iss that Sherlock Holmes is so popular in our culture these days, with movies, television shows, and books new and old, and used the phrase above.

I have also spoken with the lovely folks at The Manhattan Club to discuss our plans for the evening. They are pleased as ever to have us and I can reassure all that our usual arrangements will be maintained.

And I have spoken with attendees who wish to participate in our evening’s entertainment, and am excited to be able to promise a blend of action, humor, music, and scholarship in our program. We are a well-rounded bunch with a lot of relevant interests! I still need toasts around the theme of Adventure, though, so please contact me with your ideas! I can be reached through the comments on this blog or at As we draw closer to the event, I am so excited to see you all and share this celebration with you.

-Becky (The Gaslight Gal)

And Now, the Details

October 28, 2012

I know, you want all the information. I’m not quite ready to send out invitations to the mailing list (and if you want to be on the mailing list, let me know – but you are quite welcome to register nonetheless:

The Gaslight Gala

January 11, 2013

6:30 PM


Cash Bar

The Manhattan Club

800 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Send name, number of guests and checks made out to Will Walsh to

Becky Robare

111 N. 9th St #300

Philadelphia, PA 19107

questions to Becky Robare at the above address or by e-mail to

If you need to register and pay electronically, e-mail me, and we can set something up by PayPal; otherwise, snail mail will be preferred for the moment.

And if you would like to contribute to the program, please let me know – we are looking for skits, songs, toasts, and anything else you’d like to share, as well as contributions to the raffle/auction.


The Game is Afoot

October 2, 2012

The line is from Shakespeare, but the sentiment is pure Sherlock: mysteries are a game, a challenge between villain and hero; scores are counted in the number of lives and fortunes saved. More, they are an adventure. What distinguishes Sherlock Holmes from his brother Mycroft? Mycroft’s distaste for all physical activity. It is why he is a shadowy wing of government, and not a consulting detective. Holmes must keep pace with and surpass police inspectors. He must overcome forbidding terrain and navigate the most dangerous of London streets. He must be prepared to face criminals with a gun or with his fists.

The spirit of adventure infuses the Sherlockian Canon. These are not armchair mysteries; the reader is pulled along into chase and flight, violence and melodrama. It is traditional for the Gaslight Gala to have a theme, one element of the Canon to pick out and celebrate. This year, we will celebrate Adventure. Join us for

  • Amusing skits
  • A learned talk
  • A thrilling dramatic performance
  • Toasts and songs
  • A diverting quiz
  • A raffle with prizes
  • And more!

Join us in the elegance of the Manhattan Club for a delightful dinner and all the entertainment listed above. We entertain ourselves, so if you’d like to participate in the program by singing, speaking, acting, or contributing artwork, do comment here or e-mail me at And continue to follow my adventure in Gala planning here on this blog!

This weekend, I attended Intervention, a convention of bloggers, webcomics artists, and Internet-type creative folk. I learned some very interesting things from some very interesting people, and had a great time. I also visited the vendors’ room, which was small and full of shiny things.  I found the first (chronologically speaking) prize to announce for the Gala’s annual raffle:


That’s a John Hog and a SherlOtter, animals characters crafted in the likeness of Watson and Holmes. (John Hog and SherlOtter are all over the Internet; I recommend Googling for the curious.) These examples were made by borderline artistic of; you should really check out her art. Why SherlOtter and John Hog? In addition to the super-adorableness, these little guys represent a long tradition of fandom, that of melding a love for Holmes with one’s other interests. In addition to the traditional written pastiche, there are examples of Sherlockian drawings and paintings, theatre, music, curios, crochet, clothing, and toys — and those are just a few examples. John Hog and SherlOtter may have originated in the fandom for BBC’s ongoing series Sherlock, but they are also part of a continuing history of artwork created by devotees who want to share their love with the world.

Now about that raffle…

For as long as I’ve attended the Gaslight Gala, and if I remember correctly, back into the Baskerville Bash days (Note: The Baskerville Bash predates the Gaslight Gala, but was essentially the same party: an alternative celebration for Sherlockians not members of the Baker Street Irregulars, who hold their own, invitation-only dinner at the same time.), the evening’s entertainment includes a raffle with tickets sold by the arm- and leg-length. The proceeds of the raffle help keep the Gala running and able to afford a home at the Manhattan Club. I’ll post more about prizes as they are determined, but I wanted to offer a preview of what you can expect at this year’s Gala. And, of course, you will be able to find all the relevant details about attendance here, at our Facebook event page,, and at